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Article (6)

On opening any security account in the name of a client in the Clearing, Settlement and Central Depository System, including accounts relating to investment portfolios and funds, the security custodian accounts, or any other account opened on behalf of a third party, the relevant account opening application shall be accompanied by copies of documents showing the following particulars:

1. Identification particulars, if the client is a natural person:
a. Full name
b. Full address
c. Nationality
d. Occupation
e. Full details of the Personal Identity Card or Passport
f. CPR Number (for citizens and residents)
2. Identification particulars, if the client is a corporate entity:
a. Name
b. Legal Status
c. Number and place of registration
d. Objectives
e. Address of the main office and the branch, if any
f. Particulars of the company's owners and its main shareholders
g. Names of the members of the Board of Directors
h. The legal representative of the corporate entity and his identification particulars
i. Authorised signatories
j. Memorandum and Articles of Association

On opening the account, all particulars relating to the identity of the client must be recorded and their correctness verified, and the client shall provide copies of the above-mentioned documents forthwith upon any amendment being effected on such entries.

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