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Article (13)

1. The Employee shall prepare a report, according to the form approved by the BSE, on suspicious or extraordinary transactions based on the information, particulars and records of the Clients.

The report shall contain a complete description of the transaction, its type, value and date of execution, and names of parties involved in it, as well as the reasons that caused such transaction to be deemed suspicious or extraordinary, and any other information and particulars as the BMA and the Enforcement Unit may request.
2. If the employee reports any doubts he may have on the occurrence of a suspicious or extraordinary transaction, he shall ascertain his doubts using the records, particulars and information relating to the clients. However, if it is established to the employee that the transaction in question is ordinary and not suspicious, he shall state the supporting reasons and in this case there shall be no need to prepare the report required under the preceding paragraph.
3. If it appears to the employee thereafter that the investigations on the client's identity were not adequate, he shall convey this fact to the BMA and take the necessary measures as required to comply with the identification requirements.
4. A special record shall be maintained for suspicious and extraordinary transactions, so that it may be used for the purpose of preparing any annual and periodic reports relating to these transactions and their follow-up, and for identifying all transactions carried out by a particular client during a certain period of time.

Such records shall contain sufficient details, such as the type of transaction, date of its reporting and the involved clients' particulars, in order to give a clear picture of these transactions and the measurements taken in respect thereof.
5. The Report referred to in Paragraph (2) of this Article shall be delivered in strict confidentiality by hand, or sent by fax or electronic mail to the Enforcement Unit at the BMA.
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