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Article (1)

In the application of the provisions of this Order and without prejudice to the definitions provided for in the Prevention and Prohibition of the Money Laundering Law, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings specified against each, unless the context requires otherwise.

Kingdom : Means the Kingdom of Bahrain.
BMA : Means the Bahrain Monetary Agency.
BSE : Means the Bahrain Stock Exchange.
Director : Means the Director of the Bahrain Stock Exchange.
Relevant Person : Means any natural person or corporate entity who is subject to the provisions of Article (2) of this Order.
Client : Means any natural person or corporate entity dealing or wishing to deal in securities with a relevant person.
Security/Securities : Means securities listed and traded on the BSE in accordance with the provisions of Decree Law No. 4 of 1987 with respect to the Establishment and Organization of the Bahrain Stock Exchange and its Implementing Regulations.
Dealing in Securities : Means the deposit, purchase and sale of securities, whether directly or through brokers, and the transfer of and evidencing of their ownership.
Suspicious or Extraordinary Transactions : Means any transactions which have direct or indirect relevance to the Acts provided for under Article (2-1) of the Prevention and Prohibition of the Money Laundering Law, or which by its nature contradicts with the commercial or personal activities of the Dealer, and which the BMA may consider suspicious or extraordinary as determined from its extraordinary size, its recurrence, its nature, the surrounding circumstances and conditions, its extraordinary type which does not carry any clear economic or legal objective, or if the activity of the persons involved in the transaction or transactions is not consistent with their normal course of business, or if the domicile of such persons is located in countries which do not apply sufficient measurements for the Prevention and Prohibition of Money Laundering.
Registration Office : Means any competent office undertaking the registration and transfer of ownership of securities in accordance with the Bahrain Stock Exchange's Establishment and Organisation Law and its Implementing Regulations.
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