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A list of recent changes made to this Module is detailed in the table below:

Module Ref. Change Date Description of Changes
GR-4, GR-5.4, GR-7 10/2007 Administrative changes due to implementation of CBB Law. Revised notification deadlines etc.
GR-1 10/2007 This Chapter has been relocated to OM Module.
GR-8 10/2007 CBB Fees Chapter has been transferred to Module LR.
GR-5 04/2008 New notification and approval requirements in respect of "Controllers"
GR-5.3 01/2010 Revised approval threshold for controllers which are financial institutions.
GR 01/2011 Various minor amendments to ensure consistency in CBB Rulebook.
GR-A.1.2 and A.1.3 01/2011 Added legal basis.
GR-3.1.1 04/2011 Clarified Rule pertaining to announcement of dividend.
GR-4.12 04/2011 Deleted reference to outsourcing.
GR-4.1 07/2011 Regulation under consultation.
GR-A.1.2 and GR-5.3.5A 10/2011 New reference added to reflect the issuance of Resolution No.(43) of 2011, and reference made to controllers.
GR-3.1 10/2011 Clarified guidance Paragraphs on CBB's non-objection for dividends.
GR-5.2.2 10/2011 Clarified the definition of "associate".
GR-7 10/2011 Chapter redrafted to be consistent with other Volumes of the CBB Rulebook.
GR-5.3.8 07/2012 Percentage amended to be consistent with Paragraph GR-5.3.5.
GR-A.1.2 10/2012 Updated legal basis.
GR-4 10/2012 Amended to reflect the issuance of Resolution No.(33) of 2012.
GR-4.2.3 01/2013 Specified timeline for CBB preliminary assessment.
GR-5.4.1 and GR-5.4.3 04/2013 Changed Rules to Guidance.
GR-5 07/2013 Changes made to be in line with Regulation No.(31) for the year 2008.
GR-A.2.1 01/2014 Deleted repetitive sentence.
GR-7.1.12 10/2016 Added additional requirements for cessation of business to be in line with all Volumes.
GR-5.1.7 01/2017 Consistency of notification timeline rule on Controllers with other Volumes of the CBB Rulebook.
GR-4.2.6 07/2017 Corrected cross reference.
GR-3.1.3 10/2017 Amended paragraph and changed from Guidance to Rule.
GR-6 04/2019 Added new Section on Open Banking.
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