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In the case of applicants seeking to raise capital (refer to AU-5.1.5(m)), the CBB’s review is aimed at checking that the proposed private placement complies with applicable capital markets laws and regulations, and that the information contained in the private placement memorandum (‘PPM’) is consistent with the information provided in the license application. The CBB’s review does not in any way constitute an approval or endorsement as to any claims made in the PPM regarding the future value of the company concerned. Note also that the CBB will not license applicants without a core group of sponsoring shareholdersG (who can demonstrate a strong business track record with relevant expertise), and where failure of the private placement to raise its targeted amount would leave the institution unable to comply with the CBB’s minimum capital requirements. The CBB will normally expect core shareholdersG to account for at least 40% of the applicant’s proposed initial total capital.

Added: July 2007
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Jul 1 2007 onwards
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