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Investment firm licenseesG must verify the information in Paragraph FC-1.2.1(a) to (f), by the following methods below; at least one of the copies of the identification documents mentioned in (a) and (b) below must include a clear photograph of the customer:

(a) Confirmation of the date of birth and legal name, by taking a copy of a current valid official original identification document (e.g. birth certificate, passport, CPR or residency permit);
(b) Confirmation of the permanent residential address by taking a copy of a recent utility bill, bank statement or similar statement from another licenseeG or financial institution, or some form of official correspondence or official documentation card, such as CPR, from a public/governmental authority, or a tenancy agreement or record of home visit by an official of the licenseeG ; and
(c) Where appropriate, direct contact with the customer by phone, letter or email to confirm relevant information, such as residential address information.
Amended: July 2010
Amended: January 2007
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