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Article 4

Transactions in securities listed and admitted to trade on the Exchange, shall take place in accordance with the terms and conditions determined by the Stock Exchange Board. Such transactions shall be executed solely through the Exchange, and shall be through a stockbroker who is duly registered with the Exchange. However, if certain transactions are conducted outside the Exchange, then they shall be subject to the rules and instructions adopted by the Exchange's Board and issued from time-to-time.

In all cases, all transactions concluded with respect to such securities shall, upon the transfer of the ownership thereof, be registered in the Exchange's records. A company whose securities have been subject to transactions executed outside the Exchange, shall give notice to the Exchange's Board of the transactions that took place with respect to these securities.

The Exchange's regulations shall determine the cases to be exempt from trading on the floor of the Exchange.

Any trading in securities that is contrary to the provisions of this Article shall be deemed null and void.

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