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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 1—Conventional Banks > Part B > Glossary of Defined Terms > [ A ] > Account Information Service Provider or AISP(s)
  • [ A ]

    • Accepting Shari'a money placements

      The acceptance of sums of money for safe-keeping ('al-wadia') in a Shari'a compliant framework, under which it will be repaid, either on demand or in circumstances agreed by the parties involved, and which is not referable to the giving of security.

    • Account Information Service

      An 'account information service' is an online service which provides consolidated information to a payment service user on one or more payment accounts held by that payment service user with other account servicing payment service provider.

      Added: December 2018

    • Account Information Service Provider or AISP(s)

      A person licensed by the CBB to undertake the activity of providing account information services online.

      Added: December 2018

    • Accredited investor(s)

      Defined in Rule BC-8.4.6, an accredited investor includes:

      (a) Individuals holding financial assets (either singly or jointly with their spouse) of USD 1,000,000 or more;
      (b) Companies, partnerships, trusts or other commercial undertakings, which have financial assets available for investment of not less than USD 1,000,000; or
      (c) Governments, supranational organisations, central banks or other national monetary authorities, and state organisations whose main activity is to invest in financial instruments (such as state pension funds).
      Added: January 2011

    • Acquisition(s)

      The acquiring by a bank of beneficial or legal ownership of capital instruments issued by another entity. This would not include securities underwriting until the expiry of the underwriting period (where separate arrangements apply elsewhere in Module CM). Acquisition may also be in the form of exercising of rights to take control of capital instruments pledged as collateral. The pledging of capital instruments by a customer to a bank as collateral (e.g. for the purpose of obtaining credit) does not in itself mean that an "acquisition" has taken place. Acquisition also does not include the establishment of new subsidiaries by the bank. Regulatory requirements for the establishment of SPVs and subsidiaries are contained in Chapter CA-5.2.

      Amended: January 2015
      Added: January 2011

    • Administrators

      Persons who administer financial instrumentsG and related services such as cash/collateral management. Such persons need to be registered by the BMA/CBB (cf. Volume 4, AU-1.3.2).

    • Affiliate

      An affiliate of a bank is defined as a company that controls, or is controlled by, or is under common control with, the bank. Control has the same meaning as when used in IFRS.

      Added: January 2015

    • Agency based contract for investments

      Holders of investment accounts appoint the Islamic bank to invest their funds on the basis of an agency contract in return for a specified fee or a specified fee and share of the profit if the realised profit exceeds a certain level, the latter being an incentive for the Islamic bank to achieve a return higher than expected.

    • AML

      Anti-Money Laundering

    • Ancillary service provider

      A person licensed under Volume 5 of the CBB Rulebook to undertake regulated ancillary services. These licensees are referred to as 'financial sector support institutions' under Article 1 of the CBB Law.

      Amended: December 2018

    • Appointed expert(s)

      A duly qualified individual or firm appointed by the CBB to carry out inspections in accordance with Article 114 of the CBB Law or special investigations of licensees in accordance with Article 121 of the CBB Law. Appointed experts may be appointed in addition to the CBB's own officials. Examples of appointed experts include reporting accountants, lawyers, private investigators, expert witnesses and independent actuaries.

      Added: October 2011

    • Approved person(s)

      Persons undertaking certain functions in relation to CBB licensees require prior CBB approval. These functions (called controlled functions) include board members and those occupying executive positions. The controlled functions regime supplements the licensing regime by ensuring that key persons involved in the running of licensees are fit and proper. Those authorised by the CBB to undertake controlled functions are called approved persons (see Paragraph LR-1A.1.2).

      Amended: January 2016
      Amended: January 2011

    • Articles of association

      Legal document establishing a corporation, outlining its structure and purpose.

    • Asset revaluation reserves

      An asset revaluation reserve is an accounting concept and represents a reassessment of the value of a capital asset as at a particular date.

    • Associate(d)

      A company or other enterprise, which is not a subsidiary or joint venture, over which the bank licensee has significant influence. Significant influence means the power to participate in financial and operating policy decisions. Such influence is presumed to exist if the bank licensee owns more than 20 percent of the associate.

    • Auditor

      The firm/partnership charged with carrying out the audit of a licensee and its partners, directors and managers (see Module AU).

    • Authorised Money or Value Transfer Service (MVTS) Provider(s)

      Any bank or other licensee (such as a money changer) specifically authorised to effect money or value transfers.

      Amended: October 2014

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