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Location: Bahrain Anti Money Laundering Law 2001 > Article 10 Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Article 10 Miscellaneous Provisions

    • 10.1

      Where an order for attachment of property is issued the Investigation Magistrate may make an order providing for the payment of moneys to the person named in the request for the reasonable subsistence of that person and his family.

    • 10.2

      Without prejudice to the rights of bona fide third parties a contract shall be considered illegal and void if either party thereto knew or should have known that as a result of the contract the State of Bahrain would be prejudiced in its ability to recover financial claims pursuant to the provisions of this Law.

    • 10.3

      No institution or employee of an institution shall be liable under any criminal or civil proceedings brought against it or him for complying with the obligations on them under this Law or any Regulations or Resolutions issued thereunder.

    • 10.4

      Entities which implement the provisions of this Law and their staff shall not be liable under any criminal or civil proceedings brought against them for their compliance with the provisions of this Law and the Regulations and Regulations issued thereunder.

    • 10.5

      It shall not be a defence to the offences created under this Law that the accused was prohibited from disclosing any information available to him in respect of the offence or suspicion thereof whether the prohibition is imposed by law or otherwise.

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