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Location: Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 5—Specialised Licensees > Specific Modules (By Type of Licensee) > Type 7: Ancillary Service Providers > Part A > High Level Standards > AU Ancillary Service Providers Authorisation Module > AU-A Introduction > AU-A.1 Purpose > Legal Basis > AU-A.1.7
  • Legal Basis

    • AU-A.1.7

      This Module contains the CBB's Directive incorporating the relevant Regulations and Resolutions (as amended from time to time) applicable to all ancillary service provider licenseesG (including their approved personsG ) regarding authorisation under CBB Rulebook Volume 5: Specialised Licensees and is issued under the powers available to the CBB under Articles 37 to 42, 44 to 48 and 180 of the Central Bank of Bahrain and Financial Institutions Law 2006 and its amendments ('CBB Law'). It includes:

      (a) the requirements (as amended from time to time) under Regulation No (1) of 2007 pertaining to the CBB's regulated services issued under Article 39 of the CBB Law and those requirements governing the conditions of granting a license for the provision of regulated services as prescribed under Resolution No (43) of 2011 and issued under the powers available to the CBB under Article 44(c);
      (b) the requirements under Resolution No. (16) for the year 2012 including the prohibition of marketing financial services pursuant to Article 42 of the CBB Law; and
      (c) the prior approval requirements for approved persons under Resolution No (23) of 2015;
      (d) the requirements (as amended from time to time) contained in Resolution No (1) of 2007 with respect to determining fees categories due for licenses and services provided by the CBB;
      Amended: December 2018
      April 2016

    • AU-A.1.8

      For an explanation of the CBB's rule-making powers and different regulatory instruments, see Section UG-1.1.

      April 2016

    • AU-A.1.9

      Persons wishing to undertake regulated ancillary services are required to be licensed by the CBB as an ancillary service provider licenseeG .

      April 2016

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