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  • OB-A.1 Purpose

    • OB-A.1.1

      This Module sets out the Central Bank of Bahrain's (CBB's) Directive relevant to ancillary service providers providing either or both of the following regulated services defined in the Ancillary Services Authorisation Module of the CBB Rulebook Volume 5 in the Kingdom of Bahrain:

      (a) the provision of account information services; or
      (b) the provision of payment initiation services.
      Added: December 2018

    • OB-A.1.2

      This Module should be read in conjunction with the requirements in other parts of the CBB Rulebook, Volume 5, applicable to specialised licensees particularly:

      (c) Ancillary Service Providers Authorisation Module;
      (d) Principles of Business Module;
      (e) General Requirements Module;
      (f) CBB Reporting Requirements Module
      (g) Auditors and Accounting Standards Module;
      (h) Financial Crime Module; and
      (i) Enforcement Module.
      Added: December 2018

    • Legal Basis

      • OB-A.1.3

        This Module contains the CBB's Directive (as amended from time to time) applicable to ancillary services providers undertaking account information services or payment initiation services, and is issued under the powers available to the CBB under Article 38 of the CBB Law.

        Added: December 2018

      • OB-A.1.4

        For an explanation of the CBB's rule-making powers and different regulatory instruments, see Section UG-1.1.

        Added: December 2018

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