Bahrain Financial Trust Law 2006

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Bahrain Financial Trust Law 2006
Article 1 Definitions
Article 2 Creation of the Trust
Article 3 Duration of the Trust
Article 4 The Trust Instrument
Article 5 Object and Purpose of Obligation in the Trust
Article 6 Obligations of the 'Settler'
Article 7 Retention of powers by the 'Settler'
Article 8 Addition to the Trust Property
Article 9 The Trust Protector
Article 10 The Trustee
Article 11 Independence of the Trustee
Article 12 Remuneration of the Trustee
Article 13 Obligations of the Trustee
Article 14 Independence of the Trust Property
Article 15 Declaration of capacity as 'Trustee'
Article 16 The Duty to Declare Interest
Article 17 Confidentiality
Article 18 Void Dealings
Article 19 Prohibited Use and Benefit from the Trust Property
Article 30 Effects of Disqualification of the Trustee
Article 31 Auditing of Trust Accounts
Article 32 Supervision and Control by the Agency
Article 33 Register of Financial Trusts
Article 34 Viewing the Register and Obtaining Official Attestation Thereof
Article 35 Dispute Resolution Committee
Article 36 Other Powers of the Dispute Resolution Committee
Article 37 Expiry and Termination of the Trust
Article 38 Ownership of Trust Property after Termination of the Trust
Article 39 Devolution of the Trust Legacy
Article 40 Agreements subsequent to the creation of the Trust
Article 41 Supplementary Provisions
Article 42 Fees
Article 43 Execution of this Law
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