Commercial Companies Law 2001: Contents

Commercial Companies Law 2001
Commercial Companies Law
Part V — Joint-stock Company
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Article (99)

If the capital of the company comprised upon incorporation or upon increasing the capital material or intangible in-kind shares, the founders or the board of directors — as the case may be — shall refer to experts to verify the accuracy of the evaluation of the in-kind shares in accordance with the principles and provisions defined in the Executive Regulation of this law. The share evaluation shall only be final after approving it by the constituent assembly or by the majority of shareholders representing two-thirds of the shares mentioned above. The holders of these shares shall have no vote in approving the evaluation thereof even if they are holders of cash shares.

If it appears that the value of an in-kind share has been less than the supposed amount by more than one-tenth, the company shall reduce its capital by an amount equal to the difference. However, the holder of this share may pay the difference in cash or he may withdraw from the company.

If the in-kind share has been presented by all subscribers or partners, their evaluation of it shall be deemed final with no need for any other procedure.

However, if it appears that the estimated value is higher than the real value of the in-kind share, the said subscribers or partners shall be jointly liable towards third parties for the difference between the two values.

The shareholder shall be given fully paid shares.

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