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Commercial Companies Law 2001
Commercial Companies Law
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Article (145)

The following details shall be contained in the bond certificates:

i— The name of the issuing company, its entry number in the Commercial Registry and the address of its head office.
ii— The capital of the issuing company.
iii— The total amount of the loan.
iv— The name of the bond's owner if the bond is issued in the owner's name.
v— The nominal value and the serial number of the bond.
vi— The interest rate or the return and its due dates, or the annual share determined for the bond from the company's profits.
vii— The bond collateral, if any.
viii— The conditions and dates of bond amortization.
ix— If the bonds are convertible into shares, the dates specified for the bond owner to use his right to convert and the conditions thereof shall be mentioned.
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