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Commercial Companies Law 2001
Commercial Companies Law
Part V — Joint-stock Company
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Article (180)

The board of directors shall convene at an invitation by the chairman or by two members at least. The meeting shall be valid only if attended by half the members, provided that three members thereof at least are present, unless the company's articles of association provide for a higher number or percentage.

The board member may not delegate any other person to attend on his behalf unless otherwise stipulated by the company's articles of association. In such case, he shall be one of the board members or the representative of the public entity whom the original member represents. However, proxy may not also be given to more than two members, provided that the present number of members in person shall not be less than half the board members including the chairman. Proxy shall be personal and in writing and shall be sent to the board of directors three days at least before the meeting. The resolutions of the board of directors shall be passed by the majority of the present members. In case of equal vote, the chairman shall have the casting vote, and any objecting member shall put his objection on the minutes of the meeting.

The board of directors shall meet at least four times in the financial year unless the company's articles of association provide for more times.

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