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Bahrain Bourse (BHB) Material
BHB Clearing, Settlement & Central Depository & Registry Rules
Resolution No. (3) for the Year 2000 with Respect to the Clearing, Settlement, Depository and Registry Rules
Article 8 Elements for Entry of the Security
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Article 8 Elements for Entry of the Security

The following elements shall be entered into the Central Securities Registry:

8.1 Type and class of security;
8.2 Name, registered office and the Commercial Registration (CR) number of the issuer;
8.3 Name of the legal owners of the security; their Unique Identification Numbers, registered office or permanent home address, and number of securities owned;
8.4 Designation of the issuer's obligation and owner's rights arising from the security;
8.5 Nominal value of the security;
8.6 Total nominal value of the whole issue of the security;
8.7 Date of issue.
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