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Bahrain Bourse (BHB) Material
BHB Clearing, Settlement & Central Depository & Registry Rules
Resolution No. (3) for the Year 2000 with Respect to the Clearing, Settlement, Depository and Registry Rules
Article 10 Securities Accounts
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Article 10 Securities Accounts

10.1 Accounts opened on the Central Securities Registry must be maintained to show the balances of individual holder's accounts, the transfer of securities, and any other pledges and third-party rights.
10.2 A securities account must contain all information regarding the securities of individual holders, information regarding the holder of the securities, and with the Unique Identification Number of the holder. Any limitations on exercising the rights arising from the security, pledges, other third-party rights on the security and any other information relating to the rights arising from the security must also be recorded.
10.3 The legal owner of the security shall be the person to whose credit the security is entered into the Central Securities Registry on the securities account.
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