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Bahrain Bourse (BHB) Material
BHB Clearing, Settlement & Central Depository & Registry Rules
Resolution No. (3) for the Year 2000 with Respect to the Clearing, Settlement, Depository and Registry Rules
Article 16 Maintenance of Data
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Article 16 Maintenance of Data

16.1 Information regarding securities holders maintained in the Central Securities Registry shall be regularly updated. The CSU and Participants shall regularly update the following information, in accordance with the securities holder's instruction given to the CSU or the Participant to maintain the securities account for the holder, and the information received from the Ministry of Commerce's Commercial Registry, the Central Population Registry and any other entity regarding the update of the said information.
16.1.1 A change of Unique Identification Numbers of the securities holder;
16.1.2 A change of name of the securities holder;
16.1.3 A change of address or registered office of the securities holder;
16.1.4 A change of legal status of the securities holder;
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