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Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 1—Conventional Banks
Part A
Business Standards
BC Business and Market Conduct
BC-4 Customer Account Services and Charges
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The following public disclosures must be made by conspicuous noticeG for all types of credit agreements:

(a) Any obligation on the part of the customer to open a deposit account with the retail bank as a condition of granting the credit agreement;
(b) Any late payment charges;
(c) The level of fees for any special services rendered, or one-off expenses, as well as any amount collected by retail banks on behalf of third parties;
(d) Any fees or charges payable under any linked or mandatory contract entered into as a condition for the granting of the credit agreement, such as payment protection insurance; and
(e) Any other charges not included above.
Added: October 2012
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Oct 1 2012 onwards
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