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Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 1—Conventional Banks
Part A
Business Standards
BC Business and Market Conduct
BC-4 Customer Account Services and Charges
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Disclosures requested by the customer may include but are not limited to any or all of the following information about a credit agreement:

(a) The effect of part prepayment on the customer's obligations;
(b) Full particulars of any changes to the agreement since it was made;
(c) The amount of any fee payable on part prepayment and how the fee will be calculated;
(d) The amount required for full prepayment on a specified date and how the amount will be calculated;
(e) The outstanding credit amount, including any outstanding interest charge (calculated at the date the disclosure statement is prepared);
(f) The amount of payments made or to be made or the method of calculating the amount of those payments;
(g) The number of payments made or to be made (if ascertainable);
(h) How often payments are to be made;
(i) The total amount of payments to be made under the agreement, if ascertainable; and
(j) A copy of any disclosure statement that was or should have been provided before the request was made.
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