CBB Volume 1: Contents

Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 1—Conventional Banks
Part A
High Level Standards
HC High-Level Controls
HC-5 Remuneration of Approved Persons and Material Risk-Takers
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For approved personsG and material risk-takersG , other than those covered under Paragraphs HC-5.4.9 and Section HC-5.5, as their actions have a material impact on the risk exposure of the bank:

(a) An appropriate ratio between the fixed and variable components of total remuneration must be set to ensure that fixed and variable components of total remuneration are appropriately balanced and paid on the basis of individual, business-unit and bank-wide measures that adequately measure performance; and
(b) The variable proportion of remuneration must increase significantly along with the level of seniority and/or responsibility.
Amended: October 2016
Amended: July 2014
Added: January 2014
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