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Past version: effective from Oct 1 2007 - Sep 30 2010.
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Prior to the Rulebook, the Central Bank had issued various circulars representing regulations covering different aspects of Business and Market Conduct. The contents of this Module are effective from the date depicted in the original circulars listed below or from the dates indicated in Paragraph BC-A.3.3 above:

Circular Ref. Date of Issue Module Ref. Circular Subject
EDBC/73/96 1 May 1996 BC-1.1 Explanatory note on the promotion of Banking and Financial Products.
BS.C7/91/442 10 Sep 1991 BC-1.1 Promotion of Banking Services.
85/25 2 May 1985 BC-2 Code of Conduct for Foreign Exchange Dealers and Brokers.
83/5 10 Apr 1983 BC-3 Disclosure of Information about Individual Accounts.
BS/11/2004 10 Aug 2004 BC-4.1 Min balances and savings accounts.
BS.C7/90/34 31 Jan 1990 BC-4.2 Dinar Certificates of Deposits.
EDBO/51/02 2 Apr 2002 BC-4.3 Charges to Customers.
BC/5/00 8 Mar 2000 BC-4.4 Accounts held for Clubs and Societies.
BSD(111)/94/157 24 Sep 1994 BC-4.5 Fees on Current Accounts.
BC/2/01 3 Mar 2001 BC-4.6 Brokerage Fees in Bahrain.
ODG/145/92 18 Aug 1992 BC-4.7 New products in the Retail Banking Field.
EDBO/46/03 8 Apr 2003 BC-4.8 Inheritance — Financial Procedures.
EDBO/27/96 25 Sep 1996 BC-5.1 Regulation for "Dishonoured Cheques".
OG/399/94 28 Nov 1994 BC-5.2 Returned Cheques.
EDBO/49/01 6 May 2001 BC-5.3 Penalty Charges on Returned Cheques.
BC/8/98 24 May 1998 BC-6.1 Off-site ATMs.
EDBO/45/02 13 Mar 2002 BC-6.2 GCC ATM Network Charges.
BC/15/99 17 Jul 1999 BC-7.1 Margin Trading.
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