CBB Volume 1: Contents

Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 1—Conventional Banks
Part A
Business Standards
CM Credit Risk Management
CM-5 The Monitoring and Control of Large Exposures of Banks Licensed by the CBB
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ExposureG limits for connected counterparties have been set as listed below. ExposuresG (both on and off-balance sheet) to all connected counterpartiesG listed below, when taken together, may not exceed 25% of consolidated Total Capital. Where any of these limits have been exceeded whether with or without the prior approval of the CBB (see Paragraph CM-5.5.7A), the excess amount must be risk-weighted at 800%.

Connected Counterparties Individual Limit Aggregate Limit
Controllers and their subsidiariesG 0% 0%
Approved personsG (and their close family members) and Shari'a Board Mem 10% 25%
Associates, other related parties not mentioned above, and unconsolidated subsidiariesG 15% 25%
Total (including senior management and others) 25%
Amended: October 2015
Amended: January 2015
Amended: July 2013
Amended: July 2012
Amended: January 2011
October 2007
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