CBB Volume 1: Contents

Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 1—Conventional Banks
Part A
Business Standards
BC Business and Market Conduct
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A conventional bank licenseeG must provide (with respect to regulated banking servicesG ), comprehensible information to customersG or potential customersG on:

a) Itself and the types of services that it can provide;
b) Whether it is acting as agent or principal;
c) Fees, costs and associated charges payable by the customer such as:
i. The basis or amount of its charges, remuneration and commission for conducting regulated financial services and
ii. The nature or amount of any other income receivable by it or, to its knowledge, by its associate and attributable to that regulated banking serviceG ;
d) Financial instrumentsG and proposed strategies and appropriate guidance on and warnings of the risks associated with those financial instrumentsG and strategies; and
e) Information about methods of redress.

Added: April 2008
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