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The purpose of Rule LR-1.2.11 is to ensure that the core banking activities of deposit taking and providing credit form part of the definition of conventional wholesale banksG . However, unlike conventional retail banksG , there is no requirement that the activity of providing credit must be a significant part of the bank's business, relative to other activities. This is to allow conventional wholesale banksG greater flexibility as to the nature of their activities; it also recognises that, because of the wholesale nature of their client base, there is less need to limit the scale of non-credit related risks to which their depositors may be exposed. Rule LR-1.2.11 does not in any way prevent conventional wholesale banksG from developing the provision of credit as a major activity, should they wish to. The Guidance provided in Paragraph LR-1.2.7 with regards to overseas banks is also applicable to Rule LR-1.2.11.

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