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Regulated banking servicesG are any of the following activities, carried on by way of business:

(a) Deposit-taking;
(b) Providing Credit;
(c) Accepting Shari'a money placements/deposits;
(d) Managing Shari'a profit/loss sharing investment accounts;
(e) Offering Shari'a Financing Contracts;
(f) Dealing in financial instrumentsG as principal;
(g) Dealing in financial instrumentsG as agent;
(h) Managing financial instrumentsG ;
(i) Safeguarding financial instrumentsG ;
(j) Operating a Collective Investment UndertakingG ;
(k) Arranging deals in financial instrumentsG ;
(l) Advising on financial instrumentsG ;
(m) Providing money exchange/remittance services;
(n) Issuing/administering means of payment; or
(o) Providing Trust Services.
Amended: October 2018
Amended: October 2010
October 2007
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