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A list of changes made to this Module is provided below:

Module Reference Change Date Description of Changes
Whole Module July 2006 Module renamed as Module AU (Auditors and Accounting Standards). Text redrafted but substance of requirements left unchanged.
AU-A.1 10/2007 New Rule AU-A.1.3 introduced, categorising this Module as a Directive.
AU-1.2 10/2007 Rule AU-1.2.3 redrafted to clarify reporting obligation.
AU-1.5 10/2007 Paragraphs AU-1.5.4 and AU-1.5.6 updated to reflect CBB Law requirements on auditor independence.
AU-3.1 01/2009 Paragraph AU-3.1.1 updated in respect of agreed upon procedures report for review of PIR by external auditors.
AU-5 01/2009 New Chapter inserted for the role of the reporting accountant.
AU-5.1 10/2009 Clarification of fee arrangements for reporting accountants.
AU-A.1.3 01/2011 Clarified legal basis.
AU-1.1, AU-1.2, AU-1.5, AU-2.1, AU-3 and AU-5 01/2011 Various minor amendments made for consistency in formatting
AU-3.5 01/2011 Added new Section on report on material differences to be in line with Volume 2.
AU-3.3.2 04/2011 Added cross reference to Module FC and clarified due date of report.
AU-3.5.1 04/2011 Corrected name of return.
AU-3.2 10/2011 Clarification of existing requirement for the Agreed Upon Procedures Report and setting a deadline for the submission of the report.
AU-5 10/2011 Chapter amended and content moved to Section BR-6.5 and retitled as Role of the Appointed Expert.
AU-2.2.1 04/2012 Corrected cross reference.
AU-1.3.1 07/2013 Removed potential exemption regarding audit partner rotation.
AU-3.2.1 07/2013 Removed potential exemption for external auditor to review published financial disclosures prior to their publication.
AU-3.3.1 07/2013 Clarified that an approved consultancy firm can also provide the report on compliance with financial crime rules required under Section FC-4.3.
AU-4.1.2 07/2013 Corrected typo.
AU-4.1.3 07/2013 Changed Guidance to Rule.
AU-3.6 01/2014 New Section added dealing with the report on compliance with remuneration rules.
AU-3.5.1 04/2014 Removed reference to monthly statements of assets and liabilities.
AU-3.7 04/2014 New Section added on the Report on Eligible Accounts for the Deposits/Unrestricted Investment Accounts Protection Funds
AU-1.1.1A 07/2014 Added guidance clarifying the information required when seeking the CBB's approval for appointment or re-appointment of the external auditor.
AU-3.6 07/2014 Where a conventional bank licensee has no approved persons or material risk-takers whose total annual remuneration is in excess of BD100,000, the report on compliance with remuneration rules need not be completed by the external auditor.
AU-1.5.4 10/2014 Clarified wording of guidance.
AU-3.1.3 04/2015 Existing exemptions in respect of PIR review will cease as at 31st December 2014 for all Bahraini conventional bank licensees.
AU-3.6.1 07/2015 Clarified that the external auditor or an approved consultancy firm can also provide the report on the bank's compliance with the remuneration Rules outlined in Chapter HC-5.
AU-3.2.4 01/2016 Aligned as per the requirements of Module BR.
AU-3.2.3 07/2017 Amended agreed upon procedures report submission deadline.
AU-1.5.1 04/2019 Deleted Paragraph on Financial Transactions with Auditor.
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