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In addition to the statements required in Paragraph BR-1.1.2, banks are also required to submit to the Central Bank the following information within 3 months of their financial year end:

(a) The external auditor's management letter and Independent External Shari'a Compliance Auditor's (IESCA) communication to the board of directors and Shari'a supervisory board along with IESCA's assurance report;
(b) The audited accounts for the bank's ultimate holding company;
(c) Audited financial statements of all subsidiaries (whether or not consolidated) and all overseas branchesG (including their accounting policies where these policies differ from those of the parent bank), along with their management letters;
(d) The bank's group structure and the Bahrain's office internal organisation chart;
(e) [This sub-paragraph was deleted in April 2019];
(f) A list of subsidiaries, associated companies and affiliates of the bank, together with details of their locations and the amount of participation by the bank in these entities;
(g) A reconciliation statement between the audited financial statements and the relevant prudential returns and monthly statistical returns;
(h) Any other supplementary information required by the CBB;
(i) [This Subparagraph was deleted in April 2013 and replaced with Paragraph BR-1.1.4B];
(j) [This Subparagraph was deleted in July 2017 and replaced with Paragraph BR-1.1.4C];
(k) Report on controllersG as required under Paragraph GR-5.1.9; and
(l) The remuneration agreed upon procedures as required under Paragraph BR-4A.3.1.
(m) Report on the number of hours completed during the previous year in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) via CPD Form in Appendix BR-22 by the approved persons specifically board of directors and management as required under Paragraph TC-1.2.1.
(n) Report listing the names of staff who attended the Financial Advice Programme/course; the names of staff who have successfully completed the courses; and members of staff who are required to undertake the course of study as required under Paragraph BC-12.1.1.
Amended: April 2019
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