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In addition to the requirements of Paragraphs PD-3.1.1 to PD-3.1.5, the following requirements apply to the Semi-Annual financial statements posted on banks' websites. Banks must make all the quantitative disclosures required by section PD-1.3 in the half-yearly financial statements on their website, within 2 months of the end of the half-yearly financial statements, but the qualitative disclosure requirements of the Paragraphs listed below may be dispensed with at the option of the bank in their half-yearly statements:

(a) PD-1.3.9 (a) and (b);
(c) PD-1.3.16;
(d) PD-1.3.21-22;
(e) PD-1.3.25 (a);
(f) PD-1.3.26 (a);
(g) PD-1.3.26A (a) to (c)
(h) PD-1.3.27 (a);
(i) PD-1.3.29;
(j) PD-1.3.31 (a);
(k) PD-1.3.32;
(l) PD-1.3.34;
(m) PD-1.3.36;
(n) PD-1.3.39.
Amended: April 2016
Amended April 2012
Amended April 2011
Amended October 2010
April 2008
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