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The CBB requires any Bahraini Islamic bank licenseeG associated with an SPV to confirm the following points in any request for approval under Paragraph BR-5.2.9:

(a) The purpose of the SPV;
(b) The nature of the relationship between the Bahraini Islamic bank licenseeG and the SPV (i.e. originator, sponsor, manager, investor, controller etc.);
(c) The proposed consolidation/accounting treatment of the SPV in relation to the Bahraini Islamic bank licenseeG both for the PIR and the audited financial statements' purposes as agreed with its external auditor;
(d) The availability of financial and other information relevant to the SPV and access to its business premises and records;
(e) Whether the Bahraini Islamic bank licenseeG is providing any guarantees, warranties or financial/liquidity support of any kind to the SPV; and
(f) A copy of the Bahraini Islamic bank licensee'sG Shari'a Supervisory Board approval of the initial investment or financing structure involving the use of the concerned SPV(s).
Added: January 2015
(1 Version)
Jan 1 2015 onwards
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