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In the course of direct insuranceG activities, licensees must:

(a) Act with due skill, care and diligence in all dealings with customersG ;
(b) Act fairly and reasonably in all dealings with customersG ;
(c) Identify customers'G specific requirements in relation to the products and services about which they are enquiring;
(d) Ensure that any advice to customersG is aimed at the customers'G interests and based on adequate standards of research and analysis;
(e) Provide sufficient information to enable customersG to make informed decisions when purchasing insurance products and services offered to them;
(f) Provide sufficient and timely documentation to customersG to confirm that their insurance arrangements are in place and provide all necessary information about their products, rights and responsibilities;
(g) Maintain fair treatment of customersG through the lifetime of their insurance products and customerG relationships, and ensure that customersG are kept informed of important events;
(h) Handle claims fairly and promptly;
(i) Ensure that all information provided to customersG is clear, fair and not misleading, and appropriate to customers'G information needs; and
(j) Take appropriate measures to safeguard any money and property handled on behalf of customersG and maintain confidentiality of customerG information.
Amended: January 2007
Amended: October 2007
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