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Controlled functionsG are those functions occupied by board members and persons in executive positions and include:

(a) DirectorG (for Bahraini insurance licensee only);
(b) Chief ExecutiveG or General ManagerG ;
(c) Head of functionG ;
(d) Head of risk management;
(e) Compliance officer;
(f) Money Laundering Reporting Officer;
(g) Member of Shari'a Supervisory BoardG (where applicable);
(h) Internal Shari'a reviewer (where applicable);
(i) Unit-linked investment adviserG (where applicable); and
(j) Signing ActuaryG (where the function is undertaken by a DirectorG or an employeeG of the insurance firmG ).
Amended: January 2016
Amended: April 2014
Amended: October 2007
Amended: July 2007
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