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The Board's review should cover the following specific matters:

(a) That the Board has reassessed the licensee's objectives and plans, and has reviewed the licensee's corporate strategy document;
(b) That the Board has reassessed the licensee's overall risk profile, and its mapping of risks and the control environment put in place to meet those risks (see Paragraph HC-6.3.4). The Board must comment whether the control environment remains effective and appropriate;
(c) That the Board has assessed the licensee's internal controls, to confirm that these are based on established policies and procedures approved by the Board and provide reasonable assurance of the integrity and reliability of its financial records;
(d) That the Board has assessed whether adherence to established internal limits and controls was continuously monitored;
(e) That the Board has assessed that all new (or material changes to) significant policies, procedures and products introduced by the licensee since the last Board certification were appropriately reviewed and approved at the time;
(f) That the Board has assessed that management and staff have complied with the licensee's corporate code of conduct (see Section HC-2.2); and
(g) That in the period under review, the Board had received and reviewed the external auditor's management letter within six months of the (previous) financial year end, together with the licensee's audit committee and senior management comments on the letter and any proposed actions.
January 2011
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