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For the purposes of Paragraph GR-5.2.1, 'associate' includes:

(a) In the case of natural persons, a member of the controller'sG familyG ;
(b) An undertaking of which controllerG is a DirectorG ;
(c) A person who is an employee or partner of a controllerG ;
(d) If the controllerG is a legal person, a DirectorG of the controllerG , a subsidiaryG of the controllerG , or a DirectorG of any subsidiaryG of the controllerG .
(e) Any other person or undertaking with which the controllerG has entered into an agreement or arrangement as to the acquisition, holding or disposal of shares or other interests in the insurance licenseeG , or under which they undertake to act together in exercising their voting power in relation to the insurance licenseeG .
Amended: October 2015
Amended: January 2007
Amended: October 2007
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