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Tier 1 capitalG comprises:

(a) Paid-up ordinary shares (net of treasury shares);
(b) Share premium reserveG ;
(c) Perpetual non-cumulative preference shares.
(d) All disclosed reserves brought forward, that are audited and approved by the shareholdersG , in the form of legal, general and other reserves created by appropriations of retained earnings, excluding fair value reserve;
(e) Unappropriated retained earnings, excluding cumulative unrealised fair value gains, brought forward;
(f) Audited current year's earnings net of unrealised fair value gains and before taxes; and
(g) In the case of an overseas insurance firmG , the audited net assetsG (excluding any unrealised fair value gains and the surplus assetsG of long-term funds), determined in accordance with accounting standards that would be applicable if it were a joint stock company incorporated in Bahrain.
Amended: January 2007
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