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If the customer is a natural person, investment firm licenseesG must obtain and record the following information (in hard copy or electronic form), before providing financial services of any kind:

(a) Full legal name and any other names used;
(b) Full permanent address (i.e. the residential address of the customer; a post office box is insufficient);
(c) Date and place of birth;
(d) Nationality;
(e) Passport number (if the customer is a passport holder);
(f) CPR or residency permit number (for residents of Bahrain or GCC states);
(g) Telephone/fax number and email address (where applicable);
(h) Occupation or public position held (where applicable);
(i) Employer's name and address (if self-employed, the nature of the self-employment);
(j) Type of account, and nature and volume of anticipated business dealings with the licenseeG ;
(k) Signature of the customer(s); and
(l) Source of funds.
Amended: July 2018
Amended: July 2010
Amended: January 2007
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