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Investment firm licenseesG may apply simplified customer due diligence measures, as described in Paragraphs FC-1.10.2 to FC-1.10.8, if:

(a) [This Subparagraph was deleted in January 2018].<
(b) The transaction concerns the sale of a security listed on the Bahrain Bourse ('BHB'), and issued as a result of an initial public offering after January 2006, and the customer already holds an investor number, an allotment letter and a valid BHB Form 2 in place. Furthermore, the BHB should have advised the broker (by circular) that all necessary customer due diligence information and copies of all original identification documents will be made available upon request without delay;
(c) The customer is a company listed on a GCC or FATF member state stock exchange with equivalent disclosure standards to those of the BHB;
(d) The customer is a financial institution whose entire operations are subject to AML/CFT requirements consistent with the FATF Recommendations and it is supervised by a financial services supervisor in a FATF or GCC member state for compliance with those requirements;
(e) The customer is a financial institution which is a subsidiary of a financial institution located in a FATF or GCC member state, and the AML/CFT requirements applied to its parent also apply to the subsidiary;
(f) The customer is the Bahrain Monetary Agency ('CBB'), the BHB or a licenseeG of the CBB; or
(g) The customer is a Ministry of a Gulf Cooperation Council ('GCC') or Financial Action Task Force ('FATF') member state government, a company in which a GCC government is a majority shareholder, or a company established by decree in the GCC.
Amended: January 2019
Amended: January 2018
Amended: October 2014
Amended: July 2010
Amended: January 2007
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