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The MLRO is responsible for:

(a) Establishing and maintaining the licensee'sG AML/CFT policies and procedures;
(b) Ensuring that the licenseeG complies with the AML Law, any other applicable AML/CFT legislation and this Module;
(c) Ensuring day-to-day compliance with the licensee'sG own internal AML/CFT policies and procedures;
(d) Acting as the licensee'sG main point of contact in respect of handling internal suspicious transaction reports from the licensee'sG staff (refer to Section FC-4.1) and as the main contact for the Financial Intelligence Unit, the CBB and other concerned bodies regarding AML/CFT;
(e) Making external suspicious transaction reports to the Financial Intelligence Directorate and Compliance Directorate (refer to Section FC-4.2);
(f) Taking reasonable steps to establish and maintain adequate arrangements for staff awareness and training on AML/CFT matters (whether internal or external), as per Chapter FC-5;
(g) Producing annual reports on the effectiveness of the licensee'sG AML/CFT controls, for consideration by senior management, as per Paragraph FC-3.3.3;
(h) On-going monitoring of what may, in his opinion, constitute high-risk customer accounts; and
(i) Ensuring that the investment firm licenseeG maintains all necessary CDD, transactions, STR and staff training records for the required periods (refer to Section FC-6.1).
Amended: October 2019
Amended: October 2014
Amended: July 2010
Amended: January 2007
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