Bahrain Collective Investment Schemes Regulations: Contents

Regulation Governing Collective Investment Schemes June 2003
Principles of Supervision, Operation and Marketing with respect to Collective Investment Schemes
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General Principles

1. Unless otherwise directed by the Agency, only paragraphs 43 and 44 (and those other paragraphs of these Principles which are, in the Agency's opinion, consistent with the marketing in Bahrain thereof) shall apply to schemes established and managed outside Bahrain which are merely to be marketed in Bahrain.
2. The activities and business of the scheme, and (as may be appropriate) of persons involved in the management, operation and marketing of schemes (including, but not limited to, any person whose role in the scheme is to hold assets thereof for and on behalf of the scheme and the scheme participants), shall be supervised and regulated by the Agency. Such persons (herein referred to as the "relevant persons") shall perform such functions and have such duties in the scheme as are set out in the documents relevant to the establishment and form of the scheme (herein referred to as the "scheme documents") and shall, at all times, act in accordance with these Principles, the scheme documents and the Agency's directions.
3. At all times, all relevant persons shall act in the best interests of the scheme and the scheme participants, taking into account the stated objectives of the scheme and other relevant factors.
4. All persons involved in any way with schemes shall ensure that at all times these Principles (as amended from time to time) and any directions issued by the Agency in relation to a particular scheme and/or schemes in general, are adhered to in all respects and that no deviation therefrom occurs without the prior express written consent of the Agency.
5. No person involved in any way with a scheme in any capacity, nor any person connected therewith, shall carry out transactions for itself, or make a profit from transactions in any assets held under a scheme, which transactions shall always be carried out at arm's length.
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