Bahrain Collective Investment Schemes Regulations: Contents

Regulation Governing Collective Investment Schemes June 2003
Principles of Supervision, Operation and Marketing with respect to Collective Investment Schemes
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Specific Powers of the Agency

40. The scheme and/or (as may be appropriate) the relevant persons shall comply with such additional supervisory and reporting requirements or conditions as the Agency considers prudent and/or desirable for the scheme.
41. There shall be kept, at an office within Bahrain, such books and records relating to the scheme as may be specified by the Agency. Such books and records may be inspected, and removed to the Agency's possession, if it decides that such action is desirable and necessary. These provisions shall extend to all persons in possession of such books or records.
42. The Agency shall be provided with such information and returns concerning each scheme at such times, within such period and in such form as it may specify. No person shall furnish information or returns under these Principles which he knows to be false and/or misleading. These provisions shall extend to all persons in whose possession such information or returns lie.
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