Bahrain Collective Investment Schemes Regulations: Contents

Regulation Governing Collective Investment Schemes June 2003
Principles of Supervision, Operation and Marketing with respect to Collective Investment Schemes
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Schemes Established and Managed Outside Bahrain to be Marketed in Bahrain

43. Any bank or other financial institution in Bahrain through which a scheme established and managed outside Bahrain is marketed in Bahrain must obtain the authorisation and approval of the Agency prior to the commencement of such marketing. The relevant bank or other financial institution shall send to the Agency as part of its application for authorisation and approval:
(i) confirmation from licensing authorities in the jurisdiction in which the scheme is established that the scheme is licensed in that jurisdiction;
(ii) a copy of the relevant scheme's rules and other scheme documents;
(iii) the prospectus;
(iv) its latest yearly and half yearly reports;
(v) details of the arrangements for the marketing of the scheme in Bahrain;
(vi) details of the parent and other group companies of such bank or other financial institution and, if relevant, of the scheme itself; and
(vii) any other documentation as may be requested by the Agency.
44. The Agency shall co-operate and co-ordinate with competent authorities in other countries in order to carry out its authorisation and supervisory duties under these Principles.
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