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Article (114) Inspection

(a) The Governor may assign some of the Central Bank officials or others (the "Inspectors"), to inspect the Licensees' or the listed companies businesses pursuant to the principles and procedures stated in the Regulations issued by the Central Bank. The Inspectors are authorised to investigate whether the Licensees or the listed companies are complying with the provisions of this Decree and the Regulations and resolutions issued in connection with implementing thereof. To achieve this objective the Inspectors are authorised to enter the premises and offices of the Licensees and the listed companies, to have access to the books, documents and correspondences and to question any persons as they deem necessary. They are also authorised to contact banks and other relative institutions in connection with the subject matter of the investigation or the institutions in which the Licensee has investments.
(b) The term documents, to which the Inspectors shall have the right by virtue of the above paragraph to review, means the data written or recorded by any means including data recorded in electronic format

The Licensees and the listed companies must provide, upon request, the Central Bank or the Inspectors with a legible copy of any data recorded in an illegible format
(c) No person shall interrupt or prevent any authorised Inspectors from carrying out the duties and responsibilities required of them under this Decree.
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Sep 7 2006 onwards
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