CBB Volume 5: Contents

Central Bank of Bahrain Volume 5—Specialised Licensees
Specific Modules (By Type of Licensee)
Type 3: Financing Companies
Part A
High Level Standards
HC Financing Companies High-level Controls Module
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The Board must regularly assess the systems and controls framework of the licenseeG . In its assessments, the Board must demonstrate to the CBB that:

(a) The licensee'sG operations, individually and collectively are measured, monitored and controlled by appropriate, effective and prudent risk management systems commensurate with the scope of its activities;
(b) The licensee'sG operations are supported by an appropriate control environment. The compliance, risk management and financial reporting functions must be adequately resourced, independent of business lines and must be run by individuals not involved with the day-to-day running of the various business areas. The Board must additionally ensure that management develops, implements and oversees the effectiveness of comprehensive know your customer standards, as well as on-going monitoring of accounts and transactions, in keeping with the requirements of relevant law, regulations and best practice (with particular regard to anti-money laundering measures). The control environment must maintain necessary client confidentiality and ensure that the privacy of the licenseeG is not violated, and ensure that clients' rights and assets are properly safeguarded; and
(c) Where the Board has identified any significant issues related to the licensee'sG adopted governance framework, appropriate and timely action is taken to address any identified adverse deviations from the requirements of this Module.
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