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Prior to the introduction of this Module, the CBB (BMA then) had issued various regulatory instruments containing requirements covering different aspects of financial crime. These requirements were consolidated and updated into a comprehensive financial crime regulation, issued in January 2006 to all non-bank and non-insurance licensees. In turn, this new consolidated regulation was transposed, with no major changes, into the initial version of this Module. This Regulation and other instruments listed below replaced by this Module are listed below:

Document Ref. Date of Issue Module Ref. Document Subject
BC/17/97 10 Nov 1997 FC B-1 Money Laundering
OG/308/89 14 Oct 1989 FC B-1 Money Laundering
EDBC/6/01 14 Oct 2001 FC 1, FC 4 – FC
Re: Money Laundering Regulation
BC/1/02 27 Jan 2002 FC 3 FATF Special Recommendations on Terrorism Financing
BC/3/00 5 Mar 2000 FC 1.5 Re: Accounts for Charity Organisations
EDFIS/136/2005 19 June 2005   New draft Financial Crime Regulation and Guidance
FIS/C/001/2006 2 Jan 2006 FC-A to FC-10 New Financial Crime Regulation.
October 2010
(1 Version)
Oct 1 2010 onwards
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