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Past version: effective from Oct 1 2010 - Jun 30 2011.
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This Module applies to all specialised licenseesG including branches of licenseesG incorporated outside of Bahrain, and Bahrain-incorporated subsidiaries of overseas groups. Certain parts of this Module may not be relevant to some licensees'G business. Some transactions may not involve the opening of account relationships, however whenever a transaction takes place with another party or the licenseeG acts as an introducer or intermediary in a transaction or business relationship, then this Module becomes effective. Representative office licenseesG are exempted from: FC-2, FC-3, FC-4 and FC-6 because of the limited nature of their business. The scope provided for simplified customer due diligence requirements – as set out in Section FC-1.10 – will reduce the burden of customer due diligence for a number of specialised licenseesG .

October 2010
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