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Past version: effective from Dec 1 2018 - Dec 31 2018.
To view other versions open the versions tab on the right.

A list of recent changes made to this Module is provided below:

Module Ref. Change Date Description of Changes
AU-1.2.10A, AU-1.2.10B and AU-1.2.10C 04/2017 Added Paragraphs on issuance of pre-paid cards and PCI-DSS certification for Payment Service Providers.
AU-1.2.11 04/2017 Amended Paragraph on the settlement.
AU-2.3.2 04/2017 Amendment of reference.
AU-4.1.12 04/2017 Specified bank guarantee amounts.
AU-4.1.16 (l) 04/2017 Amended bank guarantee amount.
AU-4.5 07/2017 Added new Section on Publication of the Decision to Grant, Cancel or Amend a License
AU-1.2.1(ee) 10/2017 Added Crowdfunding Platform Operators under the definition of regulated services.
AU-1.2.10A(b) 10/2017 Amended bank guarantee requirement.
AU-1.2.14 – AU-1.2.20 10/2017 Added requirements on crowdfunding platform operators
AU-2.5.6A 10/2017 Added Paragraph on minimum core capital for crowdfunding platform operators.
AU-3.1.2 10/2017 Amended Paragraph.
AU-3.2 10/2017 Added a new section for the Approved Persons Requirements.
AU-4.1.12 10/2017 Amended bank guarantee amount for PSP and Card Processing Companies.
AU-4.1.16(l) 10/2017 Amended bank guarantee requirement for PSP issuing any multipurpose, electronic or otherwise, prepaid cards.
AU-4.3 10/2017 Deleted Approved Persons requirements from AU-4.3 and added to AU-3.2.
AU-4.6 10/2017 Added new section on Additional Requirements for Licensing Crowdfunding Platform Operators.
AU-4.1.1 04/2018 Amended Paragraph.
AU-4.3.2 04/2018 Amended Paragraph.
AU-1.2.1 12/2018 Added AISP and PISPs.
AU-1.2.10A 10/2018 Amended Paragraph.
10/2018 Added new Paragraphs on enabling PSPs to participate in EFTS
AU-1.2.21 – AU1.2.25 12/2018 Added new Paragraphs on AISPs and PISPs.
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