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Appendix A — Instrument constituting the CIU

The instrument constituting the CIUG must contain the following minimum information:

(a) Name and legal form of the CIUG (i.e. company, trust or other contractual structure);
(b) Name of operatorG ;
(c) The governing law;
(d) Objective of the investment vehicle;
(e) Classes of holdingsG and, if any rights of any class of holdingsG differ, a statement describing those differences in relation to the differing classes;
(f) Rules regarding the organizational and operational framework of the CIUG , including provisions on the manner in which meetings are to be conducted, and interests of participantsG protected;
(g) The date on which the annual accounting period ends; and
(h) A statement of terms and circumstances in which the CIUG may be wound up, merged with other CIUsG , suspended or otherwise terminated.
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Jun 1 2007 onwards
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