CBB Disclosure Standards: Contents

CBB Disclosure Standards
Glossary of Defined Terms
Chapter I Disclosure Requirements for Offerings and Initial Listings
Chapter II Ongoing Obligations
Chapter III Policy Statements on Timely Disclosure
Article 42 Applicable Standards
Article 43 Temporary Withholding of Material Information
Article 44 Insider Trading and Material Information Temporarily Withheld
Article 45 Confidentiality of Material Information Temporarily Withheld
Article 46 Policy on Thorough Public Dissemination
Article 47 Permitted Disclosures
Article 48 Disclosure by and to the Agency
Article 49 Disclosure for the Purpose of Proceedings and Investigations
Article 50 Disclosure by and to Public Bodies
Article 51 Notify the Agency
Article 52 At Time of Public Disclosure
Article 53 Open Door Policy
Article 54 Policy on Clarification or Confirmation of Rumours and Reports
Article 55 The Agency Requirements
Article 56 Policy on Insider Trading
Article 57 Insider Trading
Article 58 Insiders and Refraining from Trading
Article 59 Prevention Procedures
Article 60 The Offence
Article 61 Defences
Article 62 Significance of Unusual Market Action
Article 63 Policy on Response to Unusual Market Action
Article 64 Unwarranted Promotional Disclosure
Article 65 Content and Preparation of a Public Announcement
Article 66 Preparation of Announcements
Article 67 Unusual Market Activity
Article 68 Non-Compliance