Commercial Companies Law 2001: Contents

Commercial Companies Law 2001
Resolution No. 110 of 2016 regarding the Minimum Capital Requirements for Closed Shareholding Special Purpose Companies Practicing Financial Activities (Arabic)
Commercial Companies Law 2001 (Arabic)
Decree Law No. 1 of 2018 amending some of the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law (Arabic)
Amendment No. (50) of 2014 with respect to the Commercial Companies Law No. (21) of 2001 (Arabic)
Decree Law No. (21) of 2001 Promulgating
Commercial Companies Law
Part I — General Provisions
Part II — General Partnership Company
Part III — Limited Partnership Company
Part IV — Associations in Participation
Part V — Joint-stock Company
General Provisions
Chapter One — Incorporation of the Company
Chapter Two — The Company's Capital
Chapter Three — Transfer, Disposal, Mortgage and Distraint of Shares
Chapter Four — Changing the Capital
Chapter Five — Loans
Chapter Six — Membership of the Company
Chapter Seven — Joint-stock Company's Management
1 — Board of Directors
Article (191)
2 — General Assembly
3 — Auditors
4 — Financial System
Closed Joint-stock Company
Part VI — Limited Partnership By Shares
Part VII — Limited Liability Company
Part VIII — Single Person Company
Part IX — Holding Company
Part X — Conversion of Companies
Part XI — Merger of Companies
Part XII — Termination of the Company
Part XIII — Foreign Capital Companies
Part XIV — Branches, Offices and Agencies of Foreign Companies
Part XV — Control and Inspection
Part XVI — Penalties