Bahrain Bourse (BHB) Material: Contents

Bahrain Bourse (BHB) Material
BHB Internal Regulation
BHB Listing and Market Regulations
BHB Trading Rules and Procedures
Guidelines on Issuer's Key Persons Dealing in Securities Accepted for Trading on BHB
Guidelines on Trading of Treasury Bills (T-Bills) on BHB
BHB Debt Securities Guideline
REITs & Fund Instruments Guideline
Resolution No. (6) of 2001 in Respect of Provision of Remote Trading at Bahrain Stock Exchange
Resolution No. (4) of 1999 on the Rules and Procedures of Automated Trading on the Bahrain Stock Exchange in the Test Period
Article (1)
Article (2)
Article (3)
Article (4)
Sec. 1 Definitions
Sec. 2 General Conditions
Sec. 3 Trading Procedures
Resolution No. (2) of 1990 in Respect of Certain Private Regulations of Securities Trading
BHB Clearing, Settlement & Central Depository & Registry Rules
BHB Clearing, Settlement and Central Depository Procedures
BHB Guarantee Contribution Fund Resolution
BHB Brokers & Custodians Resolutions
BHB Fees & Commissions Resolution